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Viesti: CLUB KASPAROV, I didn't know if you had heard of this one yet! X-From: CJRUBERRY@MICRON.COM OK Here it is. It looks as though it is still in its early stages but at least you will have the site as it develops. Thanks for all of the cool additions. More people need to be aware of your link site for one stop Chess shopping. Thanks again. Chip X-Realname: Chip Viesti: Bucknell University Chess Club X-From: Schaakkring Tessenderlo (dutch), new adress Date: Tue, 20 May 97 9:37:19 CET From: "leander laruelle" To: Dear chessfriend, Allready we are obliged to move because Angelfire after one month gives a lot of problems with the password and the login, so that at this mpment I even am forbidden to enter me own page. That's why I moved to: de Homepagina van de Looise Schaakkring The Michael Rohrer Home Page Daniel Dominic Kaplan Sleator Thierry JANAUDY EERIE's chess club HTTP:// New BOOKUP link - > old link = Ta bort texten "Interesting chess site" Annoying Things About Chess PGN-Downloadable chess games (HUGE!) NOT FOUND Petit dictionnaire échiquéen en 17 langues Första boken om schack (in Swedish) Konsten att offra i schack (in Swedish) Snilledrag i schack (in Swedish) FORUM (in Swedish) Hur gammalt är schackspelet (in Swedish) Bo Aurells schacksida (in Swedish) Teleschach (in German) CyberCity Schachforum D e u t s c h e S c h a c h j u g e n d (in German) Deutscher Schachbund e.V. - DSB (in German) Deutsche Links (in German) Jussupow Schachakademie (in German) Deutscher Fernschachbund (BdF) (in German) Schachbezirk Pforzheim (in German) Bezirksverband Mittelfranken (in German) Bezirksverband München (in German) Kreis Zugspitze (in German) Kreis Südschwaben (in German) Berliner Schachverband (in German) Hamburger Schachverband (in German) Hamburger Jugendschach (in German) Hessischer Schachverband (in German) Hessische Schachjugend (in German) Bezirk Main-Vogelsberg (in German) Bezirk Starkenburg (in German) Schachbund Nordrhein-Westfalen (in German) Bezirk Hamm (in German) Bezirk Sauerland (in German) Bezirk Siegerland (in German) Schachverband Ostwestfalen-Lippe (in German) Bezirk Porta (in German) Schachverband Mittelrhein (in German) Schachjugend Mittelrhein (in German) Kölner Schachverband (in German) Kölner Schachjugend (in German) Niedersächsische Schachjugend (in German) Bezirk Braunschweig (in German) Bezirk Oldenburg-Ostfriesland (in German) Schachverband Rheinland (in German) Schachbund Rheinhessen e.V. (in German) Schachbund Pfalz (in German) Schachverband Schleswig-Holstein (in German) Bezirk Nord (in German) Bezirk Süd (in German) Bezirk Kiel (in German) Bezirk Oberschwaben (in German) Schachbezirksjugend Stuttgart (in German) SGS Amberg (in German) Schachfreunde 1982 Baiertal-Schatthausen e.V. (in German) Barmbeker Schachklub (in German) Schachklub Bebenhausen 1992 e.V. (in German) Schachclub 1948 Berghausen (in German) SV Berolina Mitte Berlin (in German) Schachfreunde Schwarz-Weiß-Neukölln e.V. - Berlin (in German) Schachklub Zehlendorf - Berlin (in German) Schachclub Bisingen/Steinhofen (in German) Schachclub Bonn/Beuel (in German) Schachclub Borken 69 (in German) Braunschweiger Schachclub von 1869 e.V. (in German) Braunschweiger Schachfreunde v. 1929 e.V. (in German) Schachvereinigung Bruchsal e.V (in German) Schachclub Bühlertal (in German) FT Eider Büdelsdorf (in German) USG Chemnitz e.V. (in German) Schachgemeinschaft Dietzenbach 1945 (in German) Schachfreunde Dortmund-Brackel 1930 (in German) USV TU Dresden (in German) SK Dülmen 52 e.V. (in German) SK Durlach (in German) Einbecker Schachclub von 1983 (in German) SG Enger-Spenge (in German) Turnerbund 1888 Erlangen e.V. (in German) Schachverein Erlensee e.V. (in German) SF Rot Weiß Essen 1947 e.V. (in German) Findorffer Schachfreunde (in German) Schachclub Freilassing 1927 e.V. (in German) Schach-Klub Freising (in German) TuS Geretsried (in German) UUSI URL -> Blackmar Diemer Gambit Schaakbond Overijssel (in Dutch) Schaakclub Rijssen (in Dutch) de Stichts Gooise Schaakbond (in Dutch) Home page van Jan Jens (in Dutch) De Schaakvereniging Vegtlust (in Dutch) Chesslinks Worldwide HOME PAGE - Jan Wiklund - KOTISIVU The Stuy Town Chess Club

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  1. 10 rules for the opening
  3. 3DChessRules
  4. 4NCL Chess League
  5. A Brief History of Chess
  6. A Chess Guide To The Internet (11/11)
  7. A Danish view of the year 1995 in chess
  8. A Guide for Fans and New Tournament Players
  10. Aalborg Skakforening
  11. Achievements in Correspondence Chess
  12. Achim's Chess Page
  13. Adelmar Junior Chess Home-Page
  14. AEGON Computer Chess Tournament
  15. Ajedrez ++ (in Spanish)
  16. Ajedrez Latino En La Red (in Spanish)
  17. AJEDREZWEB (in Spanish)
  18. Akademisk Sjakklubb Oslo (ASKO) (in Norwegian)
  19. Alabama Chess Federation (Ken Sloan)
  20. Alberta Chess Association
  21. Al Losoff's Chess Page
  23. alt.chess.ics (Newsgroup)
  24. Alwins puike pagina's (in Dutch)
  25. Amber tournament 1996
  26. American Chess Journal
  28. Amerigames Home Page
  29. Amsterdam Chess Club Isolani
  30. Amy's interesting page with some chess stuff
  31. An introduction to Computer Chess
  32. An introduction to the Sicilian Defence
  33. Analysis Corner
  34. Annotated Games by Mark Hathaway
  35. Anti-indian openings
  36. Arasan - This is a Windows program written in C++
  37. Arboga SK (in Swedish)
  38. Arlington chess club
  39. Armstrong.Chess
  40. Arsi Salon Shakkilinkit
  41. Art Gallery Chess Sets
  42. Ascii Chess Pieces
  43. ASKER SCHAKKLUBB (in Norwegian)
  44. Asociación de Centros de Enseńanza Internacional MARCOTE (in Spanish)
  45. Australian Chess E-Zine
  46. Australian Chess Enterprises
  47. Batsford
  48. Beer Chess (Shakkihuumoria)
  49. Belconnen Chess Club
  50. Belgian Interclub Competitions (in French)
  51. Bellaire Senior High School Chess Club
  52. Belo Horizonte Chess Club
  53. Benny Amorsen - Chess
  54. Bergens Schakklub (in Norwegian)
  55. Best Games
  56. Beverly Farms Eagles Chess Club
  57. Bill Wall's Chess Links
  58. Bli oslagbar i schack (in Swedish)
  59. Blitz Chess Rules
  60. Bollmora schackklubb (in Swedish) also try this
  61. Books For Kids & Teachers
  62. Books reviewed in Books (Chess book review pages!)
  63. BOOKUP Corp.
  64. Bosj (Interesting Chess site!)
  65. BPCF Home Page
  66. Brazilian Chess Federation
  67. Brentius Patzerion's Chess Forum
  68. British Columbia Chess Federation
  69. Btchess (Dan Frost's chess site)
  70. Buggs Homepage :-)
  71. Bughouse (Tandem) chess - The rules
  72. Caissa chess server
  73. Caissa is a lovely muse
  74. Caissa web site (Page under construction)
  75. CAĻSSA WOLUWE on the NET
  76. Caissa's Web allows you to play games against other chess players anywhere in the world
  77. Calchess (Jim Eade)
  78. California Chess Journal
  80. Chaleur Regional Chess Club
  81. Challenging Mathematics
  82. CHAMPIONNAT OUVERT DE L'OUTAOUAIS 1995 par Hubert Séguin (in French)
  83. Charleston Chess Club (Pat Hart)
  84. Charlottesville Chess Club (Russ Haddleton)
  85. Checkchess Roundboard
  87. Chess (Broadway)
  88. Chess []
  89. Chess Advice
  90. Chess Archives (David Hayes)
  91. Chess Assistant's HomePage
  92. Chess Bits
  93. Chess books. 4. "Winning with the French" by W. Uhlmann
  94. Chess Club Benaco
  95. Chess coaching (Exeter Chess Club)
  96. Chess columns from Australia (GM Ian Rogers!)
  97. Chess Commentary by David Hayes
  98. Chess Connection
  99. Chess Database ONLINE
  100. Chess Department Store "Le Due Torri (Italy)
  101. Chess Desktop Publishing
  102. CHESS director's message
  103. Chess Emporium, a scholastic training center in Phoenix AZ
  104. Chess Federation of Canada
  105. Chess Fonts (tex-archive/fonts/chess)
  106. Chess Forum
  107. Chess GA experiments
  108. Chess Game on
  109. Chess Hawaii (Dan M. Shaw)
  110. Chess History
  111. Chess in England
  112. Chess in Germany
  113. Chess in Judaism and Islam - The Game of Kings
  114. Chess in Portugal
  115. Chess in South Africa
  116. Chess in the Schools
  117. Chess-in-the-Schools International Chess Festival
  118. Chess is Art !!!
  119. Chess Informant Home page
  121. Chess limericks
  122. Chess links
  123. Chess Links
  124. Chess Links by Harris
  125. Chess links by Michael Atkins
  126. Chess Mail
  127. Chess Mentor (ftp) Chess Mentor (http)
  128. Chess Olympiad
  129. Chess Olympiad in Armenia
  130. Chess Olympics, Moscow, 1994 (all games!)
  131. Chess on Stamps
  132. Chess on the internet
  133. Chess on the Internet (Paljon tietoa)
  134. Chess on the Net also try this
  135. Chess on the Web
  136. Chess Page of Hampton Roads Virginia, USA
  137. Chess page of Juha Peltoniemi
  138. Chess Players Online
  139. Chess Problem (in Dutch)
  140. Chess Problem of the Month (Göran Forsblom)
  141. Chess Puzzles (Aika hidas)
  142. Chess Quotes
  143. Chess Ratings
  144. Chess Related Links
  145. Chess Server Game Page
  146. Chess SIG (e-Mail chess)
  147. Chess Space USA:ssa (Todella hyvät tiedot!)
  148. Chess tournaments at Malta
  149. Chess Trivia
  150. Chess Variants
  151. Chess Variants (Great page!!)
  152. Chess Wars - a medieval fantasy
  153. Chess World Australia
  154. Chess World Magazine
  155. Chess Year 1996 in Finland
  156. ChessBase
  157. Chessed!
  158. Chessformat (in Spanish)
  159. Chesslinks Worldwide by Jerry Lawson (Hyvä!!)
  160. ChessLive!
  161. Chessmaster 5000 News
  162. Chess'n Math Association
  163. ChessToday!
  164. ChessTreasure (Israel)
  165. Chessworks downloadable chess stuff
  166. Chessworks Studio
  167. Chessworks Unlimited (Eric Schiller)
  168. ChiaCS's Homepage
  169. Chris' Chess Page
  170. Christer Sundqvistin shakkipelejä voit seurata tästä
  171. Chuck's Chess Page Chess Quiz and Game of the Month
  172. Circe Chess
  173. Circolo Scacchi Corsico (Chess Club in Milan, Italy - In Italian)
  174. Clube de Xadrez de Portimćo (in Portuguese)
  175. CMSC-791 Graduate Seminar: Computer Chess
  176. Complete ECO listings
  177. Computer Chess Trivia
  178. COMPUTER program ratings from SSDF
  179. Computer Chess Programming
  180. Concentrate and Conquer!
  181. Connex Chess page
  182. Crafty - Robert Hyatt's chess program for Unix and DOS
  183. Croatian Chess Home Page
  184. Cyberchess
  185. CYBYE WWW Chess (Interactive chess)
  186. Cyril Tonin
  187. Dallas Chess Club
  188. Danish-English Chess Dictionary
  189. Danish Internet Chess server
  190. Danish Internet Chess server
  191. Danish Internet Chess server
  192. David Parker's home page
  193. David's Home Page
  194. De Rotterdamse Schaakbond (in Dutch)
  195. De schaakmusical Chess (Belgium)
  196. De Schaakvereniging Vegtlust (in Dutch)
  197. Dean S. Mah's Chess Page
  198. Deep Blue (Kunnon shakkivastustaja!)
  199. Dennis Breuker's chess page
  200. Der Schachklub MSC 1836
  201. Detlev Fischer's homepage (in German)
  202. Deutsche Einzelmeisterschaft im Schach (in German)
  204. Dianna's Page (Problems!)
  205. Diemer-Duhm Gambit (Thanks! Jyrki Heikkinen)
  206. Directory of Canberra Chess Clubs
  207. Down the Diagonal (chess magazine of the Huntsville Chess Club)
  208. Download IRC CHESS
  209. Dr. Dave's Canon of educational chess games
  210. DrawMaster's Capitol City Chess Connection
  211. Drexel University's Chess Club
  212. Duif's Place
  213. Duncan Suttles' Chess Games
  214. Dutch Championship
  215. Dutch Chess server (jotain häiriöitä voi esiintyä)
  216. Dutch Teletext Chesspages
  217. East Anglian Daily Times, Chess News
  218. Echecs et Web
  219. Échiquier Royal Championnat fermé 1996 (in French)
  220. Edinburgh University Chess Club
  221. Edward I and Chess
  222. Eksjö Schackklubb (in Swedish)
  224. EndGame (Interesting! Large index of chess related pages)
  225. EndGame Chess Chat (Your browser must support JAVA in order to chat!!)
  226. Eric Schiller's chess books
  227. Erik Malmstig spelar schack (in Swedish)
  228. Erik's Chesspage
  229. Essential checkmate patterns
  230. Etelä-Vantaan Shakki (EtVaS) Kotisivu
  231. Eurocup Bratislava, Results
  232. Excuses for losing
  233. Fabian Mäser's Chess Page
  234. Fairfax County Chess Club
  236. Federació Catalana d'Escacs (in Spanish)
  237. Federación Espańola de Ajedrez (in Spanish)
  238. Federación Madrileńa de Ajedrez (in Spanish)
  239. Fédération québécoise des échecs (in French)
  240. FIDE Information
  241. FIDEN Shakkisäännöt
  242. FIDE's Top 1000
  243. Filip's current chess games
  244. Finnish Chess Library (Lots of chess sites!)
  245. Fischer on Morphy
  246. Fishbein analyzes some games
  247. Fixing the French
  248. Free Internet Chess server
  250. FTP Chess Index
  251. mirror (ChessBase material)
  252. Fun Chess Positions
  254. Game of the Century (D. Byrne v. Fischer)
  255. Games from the Lewis Chess GM Tournament
  256. German Chess Game site
  257. Gilles G. Jobin's Chess Page (in French)
  258. Gilles's homepage
  259. Glenn Viklunds Schacksida
  260. gnu.chess directory
  261. Gnu chess - This program is written in C and is frequently updated
  262. GNU Web Chess
  263. Governor's School Chess Club
  264. Grandmasters of chess
  265. Guanyao Cheng Chess Page
  266. Guildford Chess Club Web Page
  268. Göteborgs Schackförbund (in Swedish)
  269. Halmstads Schack Sällskaps Hemsida (in Swedish)
  270. Halstahammars Schackklubb (in Swedish)
  271. Harrogate Chess Club
  272. Harvard Cup (Computer Chess event Dec. 27-28, 1995)
  273. Heby Schacksällskap
  274. Hellas Chess Club
  275. Helpmatethreemovers by Torsten Linß
  276. Helsingborgs Schacksällskap (in Swedish)
  277. Helsingin Shakkiklubi (in Finnish)
  278. Henley analyzes some games
  279. Henrik Lukkarila's Chess Page
  281. Hiroyuki IIDA, Ph.D.(Shogi - Japanese Chess)
  282. Homepagina van de Looise Schaakkring (in Dutch)
  283. Hoogovens chess tournament 1996
  284. Hot Chess News
  286. Hull Chess Club (Canada)
  287. Hyperchess
  288. ICCA, Hong Kong, 1995
  289. ICCA Journal
  290. ICCA Newsletter
  291. Icelandic chess archive
  292. Icelandic Chess Page
  293. ICL Chess Club
  294. ICL Chess Site (Tosi paljon pelejä)
  295. ICL Chess Site PGN-games (aika paljon pelejä!)
  296. ICL:n shakkikerho
  297. ICL:n shakkikerhon historiaa
  298. ICL shakkilinkit
  299. Ignacio Marin's Chess Page
  300. Igor Freiberger ChessPage (in English)
  301. Iisalmen Shakkikerho (in Finnish)
  302. Illini Chess Club
  303. Index - The Maclin Times: Chess - One of the most comprehensive listing of chess sites.
  304. Index to Doug's Chess ftp Site
  305. Infonet Schachforum (Eestiläinen shakkiserveri)
  306. Infoseite des Kölner Schachverbandes (in German)
  307. InfoXadrez (in Portuguese) (in English)
  308. Inside Chess (Yasser Seirawan)
  309. Inside Chess Online
  310. Intel / Paragon
  311. Interactive WWWChess
  312. Interesting chess sites on the Net
  313. International Computer Chess Association
  314. International correspondence chess bazaar (in German)
  315. International Correspondence Chess Federation also visit this site International Correspondence Chess Federation
  316. International E-mail Chess Group
  317. Internet Chess Academy
  318. Internet Chess Club
  319. Internet Gaming Zone
  320. IRC Channel of Chess
  321. IRC-Chess
  322. Irish Chess
  323. Is using computers in CC unethical?
  324. Ishan Weerakoon's Chess Page
  325. Italian Teletext and its Chess Pages (Il Navigatore Teletext) (in Italian)
  326. Jaap van den Herik
  328. Jan Willem Weenink's Chess homepage
  329. Janne Isoahon kotisivu....Janne kuoli 23-vuotiaana 20.9.1995
  330. Janne Pirttilahden shakkilinkit
  331. Jennie Frenklakh, Girl Chess Master
  332. Jim Weinheimer's Page
  333. Jim's Favorite Games
  334. JJJ's chess problem page
  335. John C. Knudsen's CC Page
  336. John Nunn: Game of the month
  337. John Summerfield: Chess
  338. Johnny McMenamin - His chess page
  339. Jon Gunnar sin Hjemmeside (in Norwegian)
  340. Jons World Chess Index
  341. Jos Uiterwijk's Home Page
  342. Judit Polgar plays against Digital Alpha (Junior)
  343. Juha Karvanen
  344. Jukka Honkela's chess page
  345. Jussi Järvinen
  346. Jussi Tella's Chesspage
  347. K-12: Why Play Scholastic Chess?
  348. Kaerra SchackSaellskap
  349. Karel Stokkermans' Chess Page
  350. Karen & David's Home Page
  351. Karhulan Työväen Shakkikerho RY
  352. Karlstads Allmänna Schacksällskap
  353. Karpov analyzes some games
  355. Kennesaw Chess Club Home Page
  356. Kevin Plays Chess
  357. Kingpin Chess Magazine
  359. Kjell Arne Mork's sjakkside (in Norwegian)
  360. kNights Of the Square Home Page
  361. Koala Chess Club
  362. Kristallens Schack Klubb
  364. Kuningasten peli
  365. Kurzgeschichte des Saarländischen Schachverbandes 1921 e. V. (in German)
  366. Kųbenhavns Skak Union
  367. Kųbenhavns Skakfestival '96
  368. L. B. (Jack) Frost
  369. La Ligue d'échecs de l'Outaouais Inc. (in French)
  370. Lanier (Houston, TX) Middle School Chess Club
  371. Laser Chess
  372. Last Homely House's Game Room (Paljon pelilinkkejä)
  373. Ldis Chess server (Venäjällä! Aika epäluotettava linkki!)
  374. L'Échiquier Royal (in French)
  375. Leonid's Home Page
  376. Lewis Chess Club
  377. Lewis Chess Pieces in Edinburgh
  378. Limburgse Schaakbond (in Dutch)
  380. L'Italia Scacchistica
  381. Lukka's chesspage
  382. Macau Chess Association
  383. Machine Learning in Games
  384. Mads Brevik's ChessPage (Norway)
  385. Majornas Schacksällskap
  387. Males püsib Soome sild kindlalt (in Estonian)
  388. Malta Chess Federation
  389. Man vs. Machine Chess Match
  390. Manolis Stratakis Chess Page
  391. Mario Leoncini Scacchi (in Italian)
  392. Mario Velucchi's "Queens" (Chess problems) and Mario Velucchi's Chess Page
  393. Mark Crowther's Chess Page
  394. Mark Ginsburg
  395. Mark Webb's Chess Page
  396. Mark's Page (Mark Ransom)
  397. Martin Halba's home page
  398. Martin Titz
  399. Martin's Chess Page
  400. Maryland Chess Association (Jerry Lawson)
  401. Master Preparation (Ilya Smirin)
  402. Masters of 21st Century Chess School
  403. Matou's Page (in French)
  404. MECCA - Chess Encyclopedia
  405. Medieval Chess Rules
  406. MEDI-SECTOR OY chess (Tapio Heilala)
  407. Memorable Correspondence Chess Cards
  408. Metallarbetarens Schackspalt
  409. Michael Finn Joergensen's Chess Page
  410. Michael Niermann's Chess Tournament Calendar
  411. MICIO Milan Italy Chess Internet Organization
  412. Mike Banulescu
  413. Mike Cummings
  414. Mike Wilder (GM) on "Agony" - Chow
  415. Mini Chess Games for Beginning Chess Players
  416. Mir Sultan Khan
  417. Mitcham Chess Club
  418. Monarch 2.0 Home Page
  419. Montreal Chess News
  420. Morgan Nilsson's Chess Page
  421. MORPHY'S LAW by Bill Wall
  422. Moscow Chess Olympics 1994
  423. Moves that make a difference
  424. Mt. St. Vincent University
  425. Mölndals SK (in Swedish)
  426. Nebraska Chess News
  427. Nebraska State Chess Association
  428. NeuroChess
  429. New in Chess Homepage
  430. New Jersey State Chess Federation
  431. NIEUWSBLAD van de Limburgse Schaakbond (Dutch Chess Magazine)
  432. Nigel Short plays against MChess Pro 5.0, 1st game & 2nd game
  433. Nimrod/Scacchi (in Italian)
  434. Nokian Pyry (in Finnish)
  435. Norbert Friedrich Chess Page
  436. Nordnes Sjakk-klubb (in Norwegian)
  437. Norsk Elo lista (in Norwegian)
  438. Northern California Chess Association
  439. Novgorod (Aika hidas ; toimintahäiriöitä)
  440. Oberlin Chess Club
  443. Oklahoma Junior Chess Association (OJCA)
  445. Oulun Shakkiseuran kotisivu
  446. Palokan kirjasto - shakkilauta
  447. Paragon Supercomputer (Chess Material)
  448. Pas'in Chess
  449. Patrick Rasenberg's home page
  450. Paul Verhelst's many Chess Links
  451. PCA grandmasters
  452. Per Rasmussens SKAK HOMEPAGE (in Danish)
  453. Peter de Jong's Homepage
  454. Peter's Chess Links
  455. Peter's World of Chess
  456. Pitt Chess Archives
  457. Planet Chess
  458. Play chess against a computer in Yale, CT, USA
  459. Play Chess on the Net! (Outland)
  460. Pohjois-Kymen Shakki
  461. PoKS linkit
  462. Polk Scholastic Chess
  463. Portuguese Chess Games Archive
  465. Queens on a Chessboard: Making the Best of a Bad Situation
  466. Quelques adresses échiquéennes par Yves Casaubon (in French)
  467. Quick-Chess
  468. (Newsgroup)
  469. archives
  470. (Newsgroup)
  471. (Newsgroup)
  472. (Newsgroup)
  473. (Newsgroup)
  474. (Newsgroup)
  475. Recent games played by Irish players
  476. Remy's Chess Page
  477. Results in the 3rd Karl Grund-Andrzej Malyszko Memorial, the greatest 1.b4 tournament in the world!
  478. Reykjavķk International Open 1996
  479. Ricky's Chess Home Page
  480. Rikospoliisien Shakkikerho - RikSha (in Finnish)
  481. Robert Efroymson's Chess Page
  482. Robert G. Buice,Jr's Chess Page
  483. Robert Hyatt's home page
  484. Robert J Fischer (not the GM!)
  485. ROCHADE EUROPA (in German)
  486. Rowles' Chess Page
  487. Roy's Home Page
  488. RPA/output index
  489. Rudolf Steinkeller's Chess Page
  490. Rune Djurhuus' sjakkside (in Norwegian)
  491. Ryan's Chess Web Page (A Web Site Designed For The Intermediate Player)
  492. Sahovski Informator
  493. Salon Shakkikerho - SalSK (in Finnish)
  494. Sami Suomalaisen shakkipelejä
  495. Saskatchewan Chess Association
  496. SC Landskrone/Altrhein e.V. (in German)
  497. Scacco (Italian Chess Magazine)
  498. Scarborough Chess Club
  499. Schaak en Go winkel
  500. Schaak Genootschap Amersfoort (in Dutch)
  501. Schaakbond Overijssel (in Dutch)
  502. Schaakclub Rijssen (in Dutch)
  503. Schaakclub Utrecht (in Dutch & English)
  504. Schaakvereniging Almelo (in Dutch)
  505. Schaakvereniging Middelburg (in Dutch)
  506. Schaakvereniging Tal (in Dutch)
  507. Schach aktuell (in German)
  508. Schachbund Rheinhessen e.V. (in German)
  509. Schachforum der CyberCity Köln (in German)
  510. Schachkreis Zugspitze (in German)
  511. Schachserver und Suchtgefahren (in German)
  512. Schack i Irsta (in Swedish)
  513. Schack i TV under hösten (in Swedish)
  514. Schack, men inte matt - En novell av Sandi Habinc (in Swedish)
  515. Schacknytt (in Swedish)
  516. Schackspelets ursprung (in Swedish)
  517. Schacksällskapet Manhems hemsida (in Swedish)
  518. Schaken HSB (in Dutch)
  520. SEARCH: for chess resources on Internet and here you enter the brilliant chesspage of Yobe (Steffen A. Jacob)
  521. Searchable ECO-index
  522. Seattle Chess Club
  523. Second Annual Open International RISC Chess Tournament
  524. SELO-lista näytetään (in Finnish)
  525. Seppo Riihimäki Kotisivu (in Finnish)
  526. SERIC'S News (in Spanish)
  527. Sexy Chess Openings by Graham Burgess
  528. SG31 Bensheim (Interesting!!)
  529. Shakki-77:n uusi kotisivu (in Finnish)
  530. Shakki-Propaganda-Schack (SPS) (in Finnish)
  531. Shakki sarjakuvissa (in Finnish)
  532. Shakkia! (Jukka Tanninen) (in Finnish)
  533. Shakkia FUNETilla (in Finnish)
  534. Shakkia Liisankadulla (in Finnish)
  535. Shakkiaforismeja (in Finnish)
  536. Shakkikerho ICL (in Finnish)
  537. Shakkikerho Moukat (in Finnish)
  538. Shakkikerho PATTI (in Finnish)
  539. Shakkikerho Taraus kotisivu (in Finnish)
  541. Shakkiosoitteita
  542. Shakkipelin muunnelmia
  543. Shakkiseura Remissi (in Finnish)
  544. Shakkitrivia
  545. Shamkovich analyzes some games
  546. Smartchess
  547. Simen Agdestein - Zsuzsa Polgar game
  548. Smargi's homepage
  549. SOL Games
  550. Some chess quotes from Dr Dave Regis
  551. Spanish Archangel
  552. Spela Schack i Niflheim (in Swedish)
  553. Spela schack online? (in Swedish)
  554. Spelregler (in Swedish)
  555. SportSite GameMaster
  556. Steve Davis plays chess
  557. Steven Pribut's Chess Page (Paljon shakkilinkkejä!)
  558. Steve Mayer
  559. Steve Rix Chess Page
  560. Stockholms Schacksällskap
  561. Stormestergalleriet (in Norwegian)
  562. Stuart the Maniac's Chess Closet
  563. Suomalaisten shakkiturnausten pelejä! (Jarmo Sorvari)
  564. Suomen keskusshakkiliitto (in Finnish)
  565. SUOMEN SHAKKI (in Finnish)
  567. Svenska ELO-listan (in Swedish)
  568. Svenska schackdatorföreningen (SSDF)
  569. Svenska SCHACKNYHETER (in Swedish)
  570. SvT och SSF (in Swedish)
  571. Swedish International Chess Server also try this
  572. Taflfélagiš Hellir (in Icelandic)
  573. Thanatos' Chess Page (Interesting!)
  574. TeleSchach in der CyberCity (in German)
  575. The ##Chess Home Page
  577. The A.N.U. Chess Club
  578. The Barrie Chess Club Web Site!
  579. The Bucket
  580. The Chess Cafe
  581. The Chess Center of North Jersey
  582. The Chess Show
  583. The Chess Variant Pages
  584. The Computer Games Group of Maastricht
  585. The Correspondence Chess League of Australia
  586. The FCCC Classic Games Archive
  587. The F.I.D.E. Laws Of Chess
  589. The Friends of Chinese Chess in Finland
  590. The Gainesville Chess Club
  591. The Game of Chess
  592. The Game Room
  593. The Gamefile collaboration's ftp-site
  594. The Games Exchange - A Chess Database User's Group
  596. The history of Chess
  597. The history of Zippy
  598. The Immortal Game (Anderssen v. Kieseritsky)
  599. The Internet Chess Library
  601. The Maclin Times:Chess
  602. The Modern Defence by GM Nigel Davies
  603. The Morph Project
  604. The Nature of Chess Players!
  605. The Official SSEChess Home Page
  606. The official Torbjörn Enqvist Homepage
  607. The Portland Chess Club
  608. The Psychology of the Chess Player By Reuben Fine
  609. The Regimental Chess page
  611. The South American Chess Page
  612. The Stuy Town Chess Club
  613. The Swedish Chessleague
  614. The University of Memphis Chess Club's Web Site
  615. The Week in Chess
  616. The WKU Chess Club Home Page
  617. The World Wide Web Chess Board
  618. Theophilus Thompson Chess Club (Jerry Lawson)
  620. Tidskrift för Schack (TfS) (in Swedish)
  621. Tim Harding's Chess Corner
  622. Tim Krabbe'
  623. Tim Mann's Chess Page
  624. Todd Pedlar's Chess Page
  625. Tom's ChessLinks (Great Page! (in German))
  626. Torstein's chesspage
  627. TOURNAMENT calendar for grandmasters (Forbidden Access)
  628. Trawled from the 'Net
  629. TuS Geretsried Schachsport (in German)
  630. UCS DE RODE LOPER (in Dutch)
  631. Ulvestad Variation
  633. Under Uret (in Danish)
  634. Univ. of Maryland Chess Club
  635. University of Minnesota Chess Club
  636. University of New Hampshire
  637. University of Pennsylvania
  638. University of Pittsburgh Ftp Chess Site (ChessBase material) Try this also: ftp-pitt and here is a large index of Chessbase games
  639. University of Warwick Chess Club
  640. Upplands Schackförbund
  641. Uruchess (Chess Page in Uruguay, in Spanish)
  642. US Chess Center
  643. US Chess Hall of Fame
  644. US Chess Home Page
  645. US Open, Virginia, August 4-16, 1996
  646. USC Chess Club Home Page
  647. USCF Book Selections
  648. USCF Volunteer Structure
  649. USCF materiaalia
  650. USCF player ratings
  651. USENET FAQs - Chess
  652. Utah Chess Online
  653. Uutta shakkisanastoa (in Finnish)
  655. Valtaa ja Uskontoa shakkikuninkaan varjossa (in Finnish)
  656. VCF Online
  657. Vereenigd Amsterdamsch Schaakgenootschap / Amsterdamsche Schaakclub (in Dutch)
  658. Victoria Chess Club
  659. Vincent's Chess problems page
  660. Virginia Chess Federation (Jerry Lawson)
  661. Virginia Tech Chess Club (Spencer Grogins)
  662. Virtual Home of Steve Rowles
  663. Vito Rallo's Home Page (in Italian)
  664. VSB Tournament 1996
  665. VÄXJÖ SCHACK KLUBB (in Swedish)
  666. Waikiki Chess Tables
  667. Western Chess Game Rules
  668. Western Massachusetts Chess Association
  669. What makes CC so different from OTB chess?
  670. WinChess program (Zip-packed)
  671. Wintermute's Homepage
  672. Wolff analyzes some games
  673. World Chess Champions
  674. WT Electronic Chess Club
  675. Xculture (Select lobbysport.html)
  676. Yahoo Chess Page (Many links!)
  678. Yet another collection of semi-dull links
  679. Yngvi Bjornsson's Chess Page
  680. Yobe's Chess Page
  681. Yoko Ono supports chess
  682. Your Move Chess & Games (America's largest Chess store)
  683. YPN Chess Link Collection (Very interesting, indeed!)
  684. Yuri's chess page
  685. ZZZZZZ - Unix chess program written in C
  686. Öppet forum för schack (in Swedish)