Me, my family and friends


Yep, that's me!I was born and raised here in southwestern Finland. Now I live in a small municipality named Aura, not far from Turku. My childhood home was a small farm, so I learned to know, love and respect nature and animals. I also learned to work on the farm from very young. (Click the thumbnail to enlarge photo.)

Later I have been working as office clerk for several companies and from the year 1989 for the town of Raisio. I studied some more while working (evening schools) and became an IT-professional. After 10 years of highly interesting and challenging work with computers, I'm now back behind the desk as a clerk. This was result of spinal column problems and burnout. As I am getting older, I tend to put less effort to my daily work and more to my family, hobbies and enjoying life itself. It is a sad fact, that we do not value enough our youth and health, until we are loosing it.

My interests vary from science to handicraft, from tractor pulling races to nature's wonders and beauty. I love music, sometimes it's Paganini or Verdi, often latin american folk music, mostly easy listening. I also spend too much time watching films - my favorite actors are Kevin Costner, David Suchet, Sean Connery (in his later productions), Steven Seagal etc. Closest to my heart is science fiction, such as Babylon 5, Star Wars, Matrix.

Our family is quite small, only me and my husband. His name is Timo, we got married in 1994. He is now retired, enjoying our garden and his hobbies (especially amateur radio). His ham radio callsign is OH1AZL. 

That's our doggy Jeppe.We have a small dog named Jeppe.  Lovely little creature! He came to our family in November 2006. I have had many dogs before: two German Shepherds and three mixed-breeds. Every one of them were cute and faithful, but Jeppe is so happy and full of life and love. 

Rippe testing trousers and wellies.In June 2007 young puppy named Rippe came to create chaos in our house and yard. He is very friendly and interested especially in testing his sharp little teeth in our hands and feet. But soon he will grow out of that and become - hopefully - a nice little dog. (Click the thumbnail to enlarge photo.)

I tend to choose my human friends quite carefully, but I have a few very good ones. 

I never got to know my father, and my dear mother passed on in 1997, and I made a memorial leaflet about her. Only in Finnish, sorry.
My mother Annikki Kauvainen In Memoriam.