My newest hobby is beading, and I am totally excited about it. I got the idea in spring 2006, when I was in medical examinations for a longer period. We had the evenings free, and I saw a group making jewelry with wire and beads.

Afterwards I began to search more information from the internet and found my favourite style. With good instructions anyone can learn this - all You need is patience! I just love Varvara's beading techniques, they are so elegant and delicate. Just take a look!

During time I found finnish beader's forum and from there the inspiration (and tons of advice) to make other kinds of jewellery with beads of glass or stone. Now I can make variety of sets with beading wire or copper wire. Surprisingly I also learned the art of making knotted pearl necklaces with real pearls and silk.

Some photos of my recent work are in Photo Gallery.

IMHO the best place to buy semi-precious stone beads in Finland is Luxonia. They also sell  the stunningly beautiful Finnish stone, spectrolite, from semi-raw power stones to wearable jewellery. All in affordable prices too! Go and take a look!