Hobbies and interests


So much to do, so little time! Life seems to be too short for all the things I would like to try, learn and do. I like to do something with my hands, especially when watching TV. Knitting is perfect for that! Beading needs more attention, so I try to take a few moments for that, too.

I'd love to learn carpentry and making bobbin lace, but I just not have enough time at this moment.

Strangely enough, I also have quite technical hobbies, like amateur radio and geocaching. And of course computers and other gadgets! I also participate in the work of local Tractor Pulling club, though I don't have a puller of my own. The races are great fun - and lots of smoke and noise!

Nature with its animals, plants and phenomenons has always been close to my heart. Sometimes I take my camera with me - hence the photo gallery. :)

Sciences (especially natural sciences and astronomy) are close to my heart. I try to keep up with development by reading science magazines and of course the internet.