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Provincial Museum of Turku;  Eeva Mikola

The best way to see Velkua is to take the half-hour boat trip round the inhabited islands. Along the journey, you can admire the beautiful scenery of the archipelago and the cultural landscape of Velkua. The islands of Palva and Velkuanmaa can be reached by ferry.

The Palva Naval Battle of Sept. 18, 1808, fought between the Swedes and Russians over the control of Finland, took place nearby the island of Palva.

The battle was won by the Russians and after the fight, they pillaged the surrounding islands. An old cannon that stands near the church is a reminder of the battle. An exhibition on the Palva Naval Battle is currently being planned.

The wooden St. Henrik’s Church in Velkua was built on the island of Palva in 1793. In connection with the Palva Naval Battle, the Russian military robbed all movable property from the church; only the altarpiece that was received as a gift from the bishop, Jakob Gadolin, in 1796 survived. During the years, the parish has received several donations to replace the gold, brass and tinware that were pillaged. One of these objects is the model of the 18th century liner, Lovisa Eleonora, hanging from the church’s ceiling, and presented to the church by the parish youths in 1812.

Lepola Home Museum is located on the island of Velkuanmaa. The privately run museum houses a large collection of objects connected with the life and trades of the archipelago. Tours of the museum should be booked in advance. To obtain contact information, please call Velkua Tourist Information.

For Groups: the Haukka dried flower farm with several old buildings and home museum. Please book in advance.

Velkua Tourist Information: 02-277 9500

Provincial Museum of Turku;  Kaarin Lehtonen

Provincial Museum of Turku